About LSF Design

LSF Design offers a variety of engineering services and consulting for hardware design and development. We understand how technical risk and time to market pressures can place unreasonable demands on designers: Our mission is to help you be successful.

LSF has the experience to understand the technical hurdles in any project, the skill to design and implement projects large and small and a commitment to quality that guides our project management and design decisions to help you deliver products that allow you to gain a competitive edge in your market

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Programmable logic design and verification
  • Board Design, Schematic and/or Layout
  • Prototype design and build
  • Altera QSYS expertise
  • DSP System design, build and integration.
  • Embedded processor based designs; DSP, ARM, PowerPC
  • High-speed designs involving multi-gigabit SERDES
  • High-speed DDR(2)(3) Interfaces
  • 10G Ethernet, TSE, XAUI, RocketIO
  • Telecom; SONET, T1/E1, E2, D/1 Eurocomm
  • PCI, PCI-X, PCI-Express (PCIe)
  • SD & HD Video, HDMI, SDI, NTSC
  • Sensor IO, Accelerometers, Rate Sensors, Gyroscope applications
  • High-speed video/image streaming
  • Matlab, Simulink development
  • Lab debug and troubleshooting
  • And more...