Circuit Design Services

LSF has experience with board-level designs for products ranging from postage stamp sized PCBs containing 10's of components to large blade class PCBs containing 1000's of components. PCB designs include high speed LVDS, high density interconnect, digital, analog, mixed signal, A/D and D/A converters, streaming video, MEM's accelerometers and rate sensors, power supply sub-system design, optical components, transistor, FET and many other circuit types. Contact Us for your board design needs.

PCB Layout - We use PADS PCB in-house at LSF for PCB layout and work with a strong network of pcb layout engineers to meet scheduling demands when necessary.

Cost Sensitive Designs - At LSF, we always consider product cost and try to balance design decisions based on your needs. If your product is expected to ship 1000's of units, the design decisions will likely differ from a product that is a one time build or very low production run. Regardless, we will always work with you to find the right cost point for your product.

Test Fixtures - Occasionally we get asked to make a test fixture for gathering data from or monitoring a Device Under Test (DUT). This service allows our customers to ramp up into production quicker - these one-off designs typically involve an FPGA design using a vendor demo board but also include a customized enclosure, power supply and some sort of software component for correlating the data.

Turnkey Board Prototyping and Manufacturing Services
In addition to board-level design services, we provide a full range of turnkey parts and board build services. If you need a prototype builds or boards built and screened to order, See More Here.. and we can provide a solution for you that saves time and money.

Other Services - Please contact us for other R&D or project managment services you may need. We are very flexible and capable of performing any number of engineering, new product planning or parts procurment jobs.

Board & system debug - We have a well equipped lab to perform debug and board rework in.